Chemical Plant Design

Due to the supply of low-cost feedstocks, the demand for chemicals is growing worldwide. KPE is fully capable of integrating with your team to provide detailed chemical plant design and EPC services to meet the specific needs of your small- to the mid-sized chemical process plant. If you are looking for a top-quality, choose KP Engineering.

Optimizing the Efficiency of Your Chemical Plant

By partnering with KPE, you are working with an experienced team of engineers who are dedicated to optimizing the long-term efficiency of your chemical plant asset. KPE engineers leverage this expertise to develop best-in-class EPC solutions, minimizing time and cost to move your project from concept to completion.

KPE Delivers World-Class Designs and Engineering Solutions

Drawing on their many years of process engineering experience, our experts' design and implement flexible engineering solutions that are easily adapted to changing regulatory requirements and market forces. We deliver world-class projects using both licensed technologies as well as with custom designs, aimed at optimizing your plant’s performance while minimizing your capital investment and operating expenses.

KPE’s organizational structure provides its project managers with timely input from experts in every facet of the project cycle. This immediate access allows the KPE team to minimize economic or scheduling impacts caused by design or construction changes at any phase of the project.

KPE Engineers Meet your specific needs by designing and executing projects that:

  • Are always performed with the highest standards of safety
  • Minimize costs through efficient EPC practices
  • Conform to all regulatory requirements
  • Employ environmentally sound practices
  • Optimize licensor, customer, or KPE-customized designs
  • Use single-point-of-contact management to coordinate communication of all project participants
  • Ensure timely input from KPE experts as projects progress

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KP Engineering has the reach, experience, and capability to provide chemical plant design, engineering, and construction solutions to states all over the nation.

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I needed some help with HAZOP so I called on your project team for assistance. As usual they did an excellent job. Your team members are excellent and do a great job in making KPE standout.

Project Manager, U.S. Mid-Continent Refiner