The design and execution of syngas and hydrogen projects has been a point of emphasis for KPE since its inception. KPE provides you with project managers and engineers with decades of process design and construction experience to deliver a syngas installation that meets or exceeds the most stringent industry standards with regards to efficiency, reliability and quality.

KPE engineers understand that every syngas plant is unique and that its design and technology basis may be driven by a wide variety of factors, including feedstock quality, product requirements, steam needs, and capital and operating costs. We leverage our considerable process industry knowledge to optimize your syngas plant design or execute your proprietary designs, as driven by circumstances specific to your project.   

Our organization is structured to provide project managers with immediate and timely input from experts in every facet of the project cycle. This allows our engineers to anticipate and react quickly to changes that arise during the design or execution phases of your project, and to minimize the economic and scheduling impacts of those changes. Each project manager guides your syngas plant from conceptual design to plant startup to eliminate inefficiencies caused by authority handoffs, while optimizing your capital investment.

Our process, project and detailed engineering experience, expertise and organizational structure ensures that you get the optimal syngas plant for your needs through:

  • Designs aimed at your specific goals, product requirements and regulatory challenges
  • Efficient project execution
  • Implementation of optimal technological solutions
  • Clear communication among all stakeholders
  • Fixed pricing
  • A single point-of-contact project manager, from concept to completion
  • Experienced, knowledgeable engineers with state-of-the-art design tools


  • Hydrogen Plants
  • Steam Methane Reforming (SMR) technology
  • Top-fired, downflow box reformer design
  • PSA knowledge for H2 purification
  • Syngas and Carbon Monoxide Plants
  • Partial Oxidation technology - all licensed and open art technologies
  • Auto Thermal Reforming technology - all licensed and open art technologies
  • SMR technology
  • Experience with box and cylindrical reformers
  • Design experience from 1 to over 100 MMSCFD

We are very appreciative of your construction supervision and pre-Turnaround planning efforts, especially in regard to the heavy lift on the project.

SVP, U.S. Mid Continent Refiner