Project Execution

KPE brings the customer’s goals to fruition in the execution phase. All EPC contractors say they will execute well; KPE assures it. We utilize experienced engineers and designers to complete detailed engineering. Our lead engineers oversee the procurement process so that our designs are translated accurately and cost effectively into the vessels, process equipment, instruments, controls, pipe, structural steel, and materials that will bring operable, reliable, state-of-the-art process units to our customers.

We procure from a compact list of fabricators and suppliers with whom we develop long-term relationships and on whom we can depend. This brings the best equipment at the best cost to our customers.

KPE takes the same approach in the critical construction phase. We produce tightly defined packages for our relationship subcontractors and KPE construction teams. In all cases our KPE construction managers and their on-site safety and execution staff, reporting directly to our project manager, get the job done safely and efficiently. And we get it done on time.

Executing design and construction of complex process plants is challenging technically, logistically, mentally and physically. Unexpected hurdles appear and must be conquered. KPE prides itself in communication with our customers; our entire staff is available 24/7 and our project managers provide a clear single point of responsibility and accountability. This transparency, combined with a commitment to do what it takes to bring success to our customers, is the KPE difference.