Project Development

After process alternatives are evaluated and the recommended paths forward are endorsed by our customers, the focus typically shifts to bringing a multi-disciplinary team to increasing project definition and detail such that performance, capital and operating costs may be developed in detail.  This provides our customers with a clear understanding of the costs and benefits of the project.  

This critical project development phase brings the full spectrum of the KPE difference to our customers.  The project manager in this phase will see this project all the way to completion and startup.  The full breadth of the KPE multi-disciplinary team brings civil, mechanical, process, electrical, instrument and controls system design and cost, while our designers save project cost and maximize operability by optimizing plot layouts and routings.  Our construction managers bring constructability knowledge and construction cost expertise.

KPE cost estimators are then able to well define the cost of the project, and after the design assumptions and cost are thoroughly reviewed, we balance commercial risk and reward to define a fixed EPC execution price for our customer.  Many EPC firms will provide the customer with a “planning estimate” in this project phase; typically, KPE will provide a fixed price for which we will execute the project.