KP Engineering To Present Keynote Address At IRPC Americas Conference

June 20, 2017

Phillip K. Niccum, Senior Vice President of Process at KP Engineering, has been selected to present the Keynote Address on Wednesday, July 19 at the IRPC Americas Conference in Houston, Texas.

Mr. Niccum’s presentation titled, ‘FCC: Driven by Competition, Fueled by Trial,’ describes the cracking processes for creating gasoline as background to the development of fluid catalytic cracking in the early 1940’s. From these beginnings, the evolutionary path to the modern FCCU is presented with an emphasis on changing feedstock availability and product demands, competition among Licensors and adaptations for protecting the environment.

With over 37 years of engineering and management experience, Mr. Niccum has been granted 16 patents in the U.S. for his work, and has authored dozens of publications for major industry conferences and trade journals concerning FCC technology.

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