KP Engineering To Present Opening Address At The Refining Community Refcomm® Galveston 2018 Conference

May 06, 2018

Houston, TX – Phillip K. Niccum, Senior VP of Process Engineering for KP Engineering, has been selected to present the opening address in the CatCracking Hall on Thursday morning, May 10th at The Refining Community RefComm® Galveston 2018 conference taking place May 7-11, 2018 at Moody Gardens Hotel and Conference Center in Galveston, Texas.

Mr. Niccum’s presentation, titled ‘FCC: Driven by Competition, Fueled by Trial’, describes early petroleum cracking processes for creating gasoline as a precursor to the development of fluid catalytic cracking in the early 1940’s. From these beginnings, the evolutionary path to the modern FCCU is presented with an emphasis on changing feedstock availability and product demands, competition among licensors, and adaptations for protecting the environment.

With over 38 years of engineering and management experience, Mr. Niccum has been granted 17 U.S. patents in for his work and has authored dozens of publications for major industry conferences and trade journals concerning FCC and related technologies.

According to Phillip: “…… “FCC history is centered in World War II where alignment of a dire demand for high octane gasoline and acceptance of risk catapulted early concepts of a powdered catalyst cracking process into the dominant catalytic cracking process in just a few short years. A review of FCC history reveals that the developments leading up to the commercialization of FCC and its later evolution can be attributed to many companies and individuals working to improve upon existing processes while accepting the risks and challenges associated with trying something new.”

The Refining Community serves the oil industry by providing consulting, training and conferences that connect the downstream refining community and technology providers in the fields of the Delayed Coker, Fluid Catalytic Cracker and Sulfur Recovery. They have been hosting high quality, technical, international refining conferences (RefComm®) since 2001.

KP Engineering, LP provides value-based EPC solutions to clients in the refining, midstream, chemical, and syngas industries. KPE provides a full range of EPC services and specializes in fixed-price contracting. KPE combines technical expertise and deep experience with an integrated engineering and project management approach to deliver cost-effective projects to markets such as domestic refiners, natural gas processors, chemical manufacturers, and storage terminal operators.



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