KPE Personnel Attend 2018 Tyler Energy Summit

April 11, 2018

KPE management personnel attended the 2018 Tyler Area Chamber of Commerce Energy Summit held on April 5, 2018, at the GABC Crosswalk Conference Center in Tyler, Texas. The 2018 Energy Summit was attended by approximately 500 people from academia, industry and the government. Featured speakers included Bud Weinstein, Ph.D., Energy Economist and Associate Director of the SMU McGuire Energy Institute, Mr. Ruben Martin III, President and CEO of Martin Midstream Partners, and Ms. Christi Craddick, Chair of the Railroad Commission of Texas. Presentations focused on the near and long-term outlook for the oil & gas industry, midstream industry perspectives, and current Texas energy issues and regulatory challenges. A panel comprised of local industry personnel also answered questions regarding the current state of the industry, outlook, and the benefits of serving the energy industry from Northeast Texas.


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